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romaine lettuce hearts

What could possibly be fascinating about romaine lettuce?

For anyone interested in good health, this salad mainstay offers plenty to ponder. While it may not get the attention that avocados, pomegranates, kale, goji berries and other popular superfoods receive, it’s certainly no slouch in the nutrition department.

In fact, a quick overview of the nutritional value of romaine lettuce is full of welcome surprises.

Nutritional Benefits of Romaine Lettuce

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If you aren’t a fan of oily fish, turn to romaine for a helping of this natural anti-inflammatory. Each head contains nearly 45 percent of the recommended daily allowance.

2. Protein

Protein is vital in losing weight, building muscle and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, and the romaine lettuce offers nearly 8 grams in each head.

3. Calcium

If dairy doesn’t do it for you, romaine lettuce is an excellent way to get the calcium your body needs for strong bones and teeth. Each head contains more than 20 percent of the RDA.

4. Vitamin C

Widely recognized for its ability to support the immune system, vitamin C also provides a welcome boost for the skin, bones and teeth. In fact, an ounce of romaine delivers more than 10% of the RDA.

5. Iron

Pumping iron into your system is easy with romaine. Each 2-cup serving contains 5 percent of the RDA of this vital mineral, making it useful in warding off anemia and other health issues.

6. Folate

Romaine lettuce provides allergy sufferers with a potent weapon. Romaine is packed with folate, offering 213 percent of the RDA in each head, and studies have shown that people with low levels of this B vitamin are roughly 30 percent more likely to battle allergies.

7. Fiber

Two cups of romaine provides nearly 10 percent of the RDA of fiber. That means munching on it will keep you feeling full and encourage regularity.

8. Vitamin K

Anyone interested in protecting their arteries will want to add some romaine hearts to their plate. With 535 percent of the RDA in each head, romaine is packed with vitamin K, which is thought to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis by preventing calcium buildup in the arteries.

9. Vitamin A

Chowing down on romaine lettuce can help protect your eyesight. Just two ounces of romaine provides close to 100 percent of the RDA.

10. Potassium

One head of romaine delivers one-third of the RDA of potassium, a mineral that can help control blood pressure and protect the kidneys.

11. Manganese

Manganese doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but studies have shown this mineral helps to protect the skin from sun damage, aids in collagen production and neutralizes dangerous free radicals. A head of romaine contains more than 40 percent of the RDA of this mineral.

12. Magnesium

If you’re troubled by migraines, a few romaine lettuce hearts may be just what the doctor ordered. Many migraine sufferers have low levels of magnesium; upping their intake can reduce the frequency of their headaches. A single head of romaine offers 22 percent of the RDA of magnesium.

13. Copper

Copper is crucial for boosting energy levels, and a single serving of romaine offers 6 percent of the RDA of this valuable mineral.

14. Glycemic Index

Like many products of vegetable farms, romaine lettuce has a very low glycemic index value. Diets dominated by foods with low glycemic index values are associated with a decrease risk of certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression and other serious health problems.

15. Water

A head of romaine lettuce comes packed with roughly 20 ounces of water. This means eating romaine is a great way to stay hydrated.

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