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The brunch menu is experiencing a well-deserved revival all across the country. Consumers from every age demographic enjoy the relaxed dining experience. Restaurant owners, managers and chefs enjoy an opportunity to increase sales. The best restaurant brunch ideas keep tables full and profits up.

10 Restaurant Brunch Ideas That Bring in Business

Brunch inspires foodservice professionals and brings in business. Back of house develops recipes that transcend ordinary breakfasts. Restaurant managers engineer prix fixe, a la carte and buffet menus. Whether you’re running the kitchen or the dining room, combine these 10 ideas with your talents, and serve the best brunch in town.

1. Think Outside the Breakfast Box

Give guests a delectable bridge between classic breakfast brunch and traditional lunch menus. Offer breakfast salads, sides and entrees. Include unique selections like shrimp cocktails in baby iceberg lettuce bowls.

2. Engage With Authentic Ethnic Themes

Engage customer interest with culturally diverse breakfast themes. Showcase French cuisine with housemade croissants and brioche. Celebrate Italian flavors with rich breakfast stratas. Highlight Mexican breakfast favorites like huevos rancheros with baked eggs. Use authentic ingredients to develop signature recipes exclusive to your restaurant.

3. Stay Fresh With the Season

Most premium produce is available year-round, but many favorites are strongly associated with summer, spring or fall. Turn their popularity into healthy brunch ideas linked to the season. For example, transform a breakfast quiche into a late-summer classic with rainbow chard.

4. Pay Attention to Presentation

A well-developed menu combined with beautiful presentation adds up to a highly successful brunch. Dining guests visually graze buffet options before they fill their plates, so make first impressions irresistible.

• Always use quality equipment including chafing dishes, cold trays and serving utensils.
• Build customer interest with tiered tables that make it easier to reach different selections.
• Design attention-grabbing buffet layouts around brightly colored fruits and vegetables.
• Introduce new house specialities by placing attractively framed informational cards alongside debut dishes.

5. Set Up Engaging Stations

Dazzle guests with staff-run stations that engage by serving all types of brunch dishes. Offer made-to-order omelets as breakfast options and carved rib roasts for lunch plates.

Give health-conscious customers a choice of hand-tossed Cesar salads made with premium romaine hearts. Finalize the fun with a station dedicated to individual servings of flambeed bananas Foster.

6. Serve Sensational Cocktail Selections

Cocktails have always been a brunch favorite. Transform this traditional brunch marketing idea into a signature feature of your restaurant by offering sensational cocktails. Put an in-house twist on bloody Marys, bellinis and mimosas. Serve tasty nonalcoholic options too with a variety of intriguing mocktails.

7. Do It Your Restaurant’s Way

Make sure your brunch matches the ambience and cooking style that brands your restaurant. This keeps loyal customers happy, and it introduces new dining guests to your restaurant’s culinary character.

• Serve buttermilk pancakes with housemade syrups.
• Bake breakfast breads, biscuits and pastries in-house.
• Source local farmers markets for smoked bacon, sausage and ham.
• Dedicate a beverage station to seasonal fresh-pressed juices.

8. Add Elegance to Brunch Traditions

Restaurants in New Orleans enjoy world renown for their gourmet brunch menus. Take a cue from the Big Easy by upgrading classic breakfast dishes. Make elegant french toast from brioche, sprinkle caviar over scrambled eggs, and drizzle waffles with almonds and chocolate syrup.

9. Cater to the Casual Crowd

If your restaurant brand trends toward casual, make brunch simple. Focus on easy, delicious selections that streamline kitchen prep and please devoted dining guests. Give customers everything they expect, and hold their interest with new ideas like housemade cinnamon buns and hearty breakfast casseroles.

10. Offer Healthy Brunch Selections

Leave plenty of room on brunch menus and buffets for healthy selections. Mediterranean frittatas, oat flour waffles and vegan hash are all tasty options. Whip up nutritious Brussels sprout smoothies and strawberry yogurt shakes.

Sweeten the offerings with banana bran muffins and blueberry bread. Don’t forget your youngest brunch guests. Put smiles on kids’ faces with veggie breakfast burritos, gluten-free mini quiches and berry-topped French toast.

Keep Them Coming Back

The best brunch menu ideas keep loyal customers coming back and turn new guests into regulars. Make this in-between service a part of your restaurant’s schedule, and enjoy a measurable increase in sales.

It’s our pleasure to share foodservice ideas that help you run your restaurant from back to front of house. Whether you oversee the kitchen or direct the dining room, you can always count on Hitchcock Farms for inspiration.