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raw brussel sprout salad

Our prime growing season for Brussels sprouts is just around the corner, but these small, tasty packages are ideal for menu planning year-round. They earn top-star reviews from a dining public tuned in to healthy choices, and they satisfy restaurant customers who love plenty of flavor in their vegetables.

From creative catering ideas to innovative prep options, Brussels sprouts serve up unlimited inspiration for your commercial kitchen. With summer almost here, it’s time to start thinking about the crisp, little green sprouts in salads. We’ve put together this list of 10 Brussels sprout recipes perfect for developing warm-weather menus.

10 Summertime Salad Recipes Showcasing Brussels Sprouts

1. Sweeten a Salad With Honey

Balance the sweetness of honey with a dash of champagne vinegar, and drizzle over a bowl filled with fresh Brussels sprout leaves. Garnish with blueberries, cranberries and shaved Manchego cheese to create a new classic straight from the Food Network files.

2. Roast an Elegant Dinner Salad

This roasted Brussels sprout salad brings savory sophistication to the plate. After pan-roasting sprouts and apple slices, serve at room temperature as an elegant dinner salad drizzled with a spicy Dijon mustard dressing.

3. Kick It Up With Kale

We’re always impressed with the surprising ingredient pairings from the folks at Epicurious. Their kale and Brussels sprout salad recipe combines two very different leafy textures into one dish that’s sure to impress fans of both veggies. Grated Pecorino tops off this tantalizing salad.

4. Bring on the Bacon

If you want to stick with tasty traditions, try this Brussels sprout salad with bacon from the Cooking Channel’s Tia Mowry. She keeps it simple with sprouts, applewood-smoked bacon and pecans. Just dress it up with honey, sherry vinegar and a little whole-grain mustard.

5. Splash It With Lemon

We also like our bacon and sprouts splashed with bright notes of fresh lemon and garnished with toasted hazelnuts and slivered almonds. We thank Chef Beat Giger for his contemporary take on this classic Brussels sprout salad.

6. Shave and Serve Chilled

From no less than the James Beard Foundation, consider this slightly nutty recipe for a raw Brussels sprout salad. Award-winning Chef Hugh Acheson adds extra crunch to shaved sprouts with peanuts, and he adds a wonderful kick to the dressing with walnut oil.

7. Highlight Healthy Profiles

Maximize Brussels sprouts’ flavor and healthy profile with this easy dish from recipe developer and cookbook author Gina Homolka. In terms of presentation, we love the soft green accents of avocado slices. In terms of taste, we love the cool flavors in this simple summertime salad.

8. Balance a Perfect Dressing

Celebrity Chef Stuart O’Keefe pleases his Beverly Hills clientele with a shaved Brussels sprouts salad sporting a perfectly balanced dressing. His blend of honey, lemon and whole grain mustard deliciously dresses this salad while thinly sliced red onion adds color, flavor and crunch.

9. Shred an Asian Slaw

We can’t resist describing this salad as a fusion of Asian flavors and Southern cooking. Cookbook author Kathryne Taylor elevates the taste of simple slaw with a sweet and savory soy-honey dressing. Carrots, almonds and sesame seeds complete this clever culinary crossover.

10. Go Wild With Rice

As the original Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver always entertained. As a one-chef enterprise, he still delivers with recipes like his Super Salad. Oliver’s combination of wild rice and shredded sprouts serves up a mouthwatering blend of flavors, textures and healthy ingredients.

Take the Sizzle Out of Summer

Plan on letting fresh Brussels sprouts take the sizzle out of this summer by satisfying your customers with a variety of salad selections. Fine-tune any of these sprout recipes for warm-weather menus, and prepare to enjoy extra compliments to the chef.

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