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caesar salad plate

Every classic recipe invites a creative take on traditions. It’s that freedom to innovate that keeps your commercial kitchen inspired. Trending ingredients and evolving consumer appetites play an influential role too.

Consider the timeless flavor of romaine hearts drizzled with anchovy-infused dressing. Is it possible to put a new twist on this customer-pleasing dish? We think so, and these five Caesar salad recipe ideas make a pretty tasty case.

From Trending Vegan to Southwestern Nuts

Whether you’re catering to the country club set or managing multiple kitchens, these recipes serve up lots of room for stretching your culinary imagination.

1. Hold the Anchovies

Going all the way with a vegan Caesar means bypassing the tiny fish filets, but you don’t have to hold off on flavor. Substitute Kalamata olives for anchovies, and you’re almost there. Build your healthy dressing with non-dairy milk, drizzle over romaine hearts lettuce, and add homemade croutons for a perfect vegan salad.

2. Elevate the Presentation

Please allow us to proudly include one of our own here. This recipe elevates the salad base to a delicious new level of sophistication.

We present a dramatic plate of whole leaf romaine hearts topped with thin slices of orange-marinated pork tenderloin and dressed with our very own Caesar.

3. Substitute Yogurt for Yolks

Create a rich creaminess that complements your classic salad with a healthy alternative to raw egg. Greek yogurt stands in as the secret ingredient here, and it blends beautifully with Dijon, parmesan and red wine vinegar. We especially like the roasted corn accents in this yummy recipe.

4. Grill the Entire Salad

Fresh hearts of romaine can take the heat, and they grill up beautifully with a touch of olive oil. In just a couple of minutes, the familiar Caesar salad takes on deep, rich flavors that need only the simplest of dressings. Grill marks on the romaine leaves add warm accents to this unique presentation.

5. Give it a Nutty, Southwestern Accent

One of West Hollywood’s hottest dining destinations for discerning vegans dishes up its own Ensalada De Caesar to rave reviews. The kitchen at Gracias Madre holds true to its plant-based menu with a cashew-blended dressing drizzled over fresh romaine and sliced avocado.

Serving You With Our Very Best

No matter what kind of twist you put on this wonderful salad, its delicious versatility always rests on fresh, crisp romaine hearts lettuce. As one of California’s leading suppliers of this premium vegetable, we’re happy to share new recipe ideas.

You can always depend on Hitchcock Farms to deliver the highest quality produce to your operations from restaurant kitchens to campus cafeterias. We’re proud to serve customers all across the state and nation with our very best. We look forward to serving you.