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If you enjoy foodservice industry trade shows and you love the Big Easy, we hope to see you in New Orleans this February 26 and 27. We’re very excited to be a part of the 2019 Catersource Conference and Trade Show.

We’re marking Hitchcock Farms 10th year as an exhibitor at this premier B2B conference. It’s the biggest of its kind, and we look forward to connecting with old friends and building new relationships.

It’s More Than a Trade Show

Catersource is considered one of the country’s best trade shows focused on catering and special event services. In addition to hundreds of exhibitors, the conference offers a unique combination of entertainment and information. Welcome receptions, design competitions, interactive demos and culinary seminars are just a few of the activities that draw in thousands of attendees every year.

It’s a Look Into the Future

For us, Catersource is important because it offers so many portals to our industry’s future. Our teams come back here to Salinas, California, with insider knowledge that keeps us in front of the latest foodservice trends.

Every aspect of the catering business gets renewed attention. From advancements in culinary techniques and catering equipment to the latest social media marketing strategies, we get a taste of it all.

There’s Something For Everyone

Catersource provides an open door for everyone in the foodservice industry regardless of business size or niche. High-volume buyers mingle with independent suppliers. Large event planners connect with small catering services. The field of corporate and individual participants includes these groups and more.

• QSR and fast casual franchisees
• Hotel, restaurant and casino managers
• Catering equipment company representatives
• Celebrity, corporate and consulting chefs
• Large and small catering business owners
• Produce growers, shippers and suppliers

The Impact Is Impressive

You can never have too many opportunities to learn from and interact with others in this evolving industry. We come away from every Catersource trade show with fresh ideas and new relationships that help shape our produce business.

This year promises to be just as rewarding. We’re proud to make our contribution by sharing our knowledge of the produce industry and our commitment to sustainability. It’s also satisfying to know we can help others advance their business goals. The ripple effect has a positive impact on everyone.

We’ll See You There

If you’ve caught just a little of our enthusiasm, we hope to see you at this year’s Catersource. This is one of the best conferences for mingling, networking and partnering with foodservice professionals from every field in the industry.

It’s exciting and fun to connect with innovative ideas and enjoy the community that comes from building new connections. New partnerships help build new business too, and that’s always a big plus.

We hope to see you at the Morial Convention Center for this year’s Catersource Conference and Trade Show. Just look for Hitchcock Farms at Booth 1120. We’ll be waiting to greet you with a handshake and a smile.