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brussels sprouts field

We always look forward to the end of summer because August signals the start of our Brussels sprouts season. Conditions this year are looking very good for one of our favorite cool-weather vegetables, so we’re pleased to highlight the little Brussels sprout and the big benefits that it offers your food service operations.

Raising Healthy Crops

Every Brussels sprouts grower dreams of an ideal climate and soil for producing strong, healthy crops. We have both right here in this part of California where our fields consistently yield strong stalks as tall as 2 to 3 feet. Mild winter temperatures and fertile, well-drained soil assure that each plant produces 20 to 40 firm, bright green bulbs.

From planting to harvest, our Brussels sprouts average four months growing into one of nature’s most nutritious cruciferous vegetables. They’re always delicious, but we think their flavor really peaks in November and December. Our hand-harvested sprouts have a well-deserved reputation for bringing wonderful taste to holiday tables.

Delivering Nutritious Goodness

As a food service professional, you know that consumers have become smart, health-conscious diners and shoppers. Brussels sprouts hold their own at the top of nutritional vegetable lists. Just four bulbs serve up vitamins A and C, calcium and plenty of fiber. They’re free of saturated fat, low in sodium and an excellent source of folate.

Brussels sprouts also contain rindole-3-carbinol, a naturally occurring chemical compound. This nutrient is believed to be beneficial in promoting DNA cell repair and blocking some types of cancer cell growth. One serving of sprouts also delivers glutamine, folic acid and zeaxanthin. It all adds up to a satisfying plate full of nutrition that appeals to consumers’ taste for healthy eating.

Serving Practical, Delicious Versatility

Health-conscious dining and plant-based menu design keep Brussels sprouts at the forefront of popular produce choices, but they have a practical side in the pantry too. Busy commercial kitchens appreciate the veggie’s quick prep time. Tight food and beverage budgets appreciate sprouts’ minimum waste and solid shelf life.

We can’t overlook how chefs admire Brussels sprouts. The little vegetables’ versatility and flavor keep them on the cutting edge of culinary creativity. They can be steamed, sauteed, grilled, roasted or baked. Replace bacon and butter with olive oil and sesame seeds, or toss sprouts with lemon and parmesan, and create healthy, new classics.

Helping You Satisfy Appetites

As one of the leading suppliers of fresh produce here in California, we’re proud to grow, pack and ship the best Brussels sprouts available. It’s always satisfying to see how well the little vegetable serves up as a healthy choice full of fresh flavor, so we’re glad that a new season is almost here.

We’re happy to help you satisfy appetites from restaurants and country clubs to college campuses and grocery stores. Hitchcock Farms is committed to delivering the very best from our fields to your food service operations. You can always depend on us for premium produce and premium customer service year-round.