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Regardless of your grocery store’s size, smart product presentation makes a positive impact on sales. When was the last time you took a fresh look at your produce department displays?

The best produce display ideas are the ones that get a busy shopper to slow down and take a second look. That pause often turns into additional items added to the basket. Consumers want healthy choices on the table at home, and you want them to buy their fruits and vegetables in your store.

8 Produce Display Ideas: How to Capture Customer Attention

From corner markets and family stores to large chain operations, customers shop for groceries with their eyes. Every bin, stand and rack in your produce department holds the potential to quickly turn items and boost sales. Put the power of presentation to work with these ideas for smart supermarket produce displays.

1. Stage Displays With Attractive Fixtures

Tilted bins deserve their place as basic components in the produce section. They’re strong and hold plenty of volume, but a variety of produce display fixtures adds visual interest that attracts more attention.

Position free-standing table bins in the center of aisles to show off produce and create traffic lanes. Racked wicker baskets and rustic wooden display carts give the area an organic feel.

2. Maintain Around-the-Clock Freshness

Check fruit and vegetable displays several times a day. Make sure everything looks as fresh as possible by pulling off wilted leaves, removing bruised items and keeping bins clean. Regularly sweep floors especially after stocking.

Busy customers can inadvertently damage delicate produce, so double down on monitoring during peak hours. Direct employees to keep a close eye on bins and quickly fill in empty spaces.

3. Pile Up Bountiful Displays

Attract passing shoppers with the natural good looks of fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep large, tilted bins stacked with produce that appears to cascade toward the aisles. Establish clear sight lines between displays and adjacent store areas so that the department’s bounty can draw in more business.

4. Catch Customer Interest With Color

Break up solid stretches of green in display bins with a variety of colored vegetables. Start with bell peppers for inspiration. Contrast rows of green, yellow and red peppers, or arrange them in big, bright circles.

Let fresh, green Brussels sprouts stand out next to creamy cauliflower or yellow summer squash. This presentation also reminds customers that most produce stays in season year-round.

5. Inspire More Sales by Pairing

Take a little of the work out of customer meal planning by displaying vegetable combinations that naturally pair well. Color contrast comes into play here too. Inspire more sales of premium romaine hearts by siding the leafy greens with bright salad ingredients like carrots and tomatoes.

Include fresh herbs in the mix by pairing bay leaves and artichokes or basil and broccoli. Give shoppers creative cooking ideas with displays of Brussels sprouts adjacent to fresh marjoram or corn on the cob next to cilantro.

6. Keep Produce Displays Accessible

Display produce at eye level, and keep items within customer reach. Make the in-store experience seamless by providing produce bags that are easy to open and fill. Encourage return business with consistent display layouts that let customers quickly locate shopping-list favorites.

7. Showcase Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Let the changing seasons inspire your fresh fruit and vegetable display ideas. While most produce is available year-round, consumers think of some items as season-specific. Celebrate spring by showcasing plump strawberries and eye-catching pineapples. Inspire hearty winter soups and stews with displays of potatoes next to carrots, celery and onions.

8. Source the Best From the Best

Make sure your grocery store or supermarket always carries premium fruits and vegetables. The best produce ensures optimum display presentation and delivers a longer shelf life. Customers are more likely to purchase products that grab their attention, and they put a high value on lasting freshness.

Make sure you know your suppliers. By sourcing from trusted vendors, you can count on consistent produce, minimum waste and seasonal discounts. You also enjoy dependable service and support from a strong network of established foodservice professionals.

Produce Department Power Tips

Every great produce display benefits from smart marketing strategies. Every customer question about varieties, seasons and nutrition deserves an informed answer. Cover these important components of successful supermarket sales and more with these power tips for your produce department.

• Invite customer interest by posting colorful fruit and vegetable display photos on your store’s Facebook page.

• Thoroughly train produce department personnel so that they’re prepared to answer any customer questions.

• Share produce recipe ideas as complementary cards paired with specific vegetables and fruits.

• Add free card displays offering take-home information about safe produce storage and nutritional profiles.

• Keep an eye on the competition for display ideas that you can adapt to your store.

• Insist on documentation from suppliers that confirms their adherence to all FDA standards.

We Share Your Commitment

The market for healthy food continues to grow, and that’s good news for produce sales. You do your part by making sure your displays offer the freshest fruits and vegetables. That earns important shopping loyalty from consumers who value healthy choices. It also helps ensure steady business at your checkout counters.

We do our part too by growing, packing and shipping premium produce year-round. Here at Boggiatto, we share your commitment to always maintaining the very highest standards. We’re proud to be your partners in serving your grocery store customers with the best premium produce available.