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One of the very special products we handle is our Supersweet White Corn. A very seasonal item, it is one of the most popular products we carry. The supersweet varieties were developed by normal plant breeding in the early 1950s in the U.S.

They contain more sugars and fewer starches than conventional sweet corn. In addition to tasting sweeter, our corn also has a longer shelf life than conventional sweet corn.

Our corn is harvested and rushed to the cooling facility, where it is vacuum-cooled, after which ice is injected into the packages to maintain the temperature and to maintain the necessary moisture to keep the product at its freshest.

Product Specifications

Size Approx. product wt (lbs.) unit per case Approx. gross wt (lbs.) Approx. full pallet wt (lbs.) Case
Case cube (c.f.) Layers per pallet Cases per layer Cases per pallet Ice ok?
48’s 40 48 ears 50 2,000 20x12x13 1.76 5 8 40 yes


Temperature: Keep refrigerated at 34° to 36° Fahrenheit.
Relative Humidity: Maintain 90 to 95% relative humidity.
Shelf Life: 7 to 10 days.  Top ice OK.


Seasonal, summer through fall.