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food plate presentation

The guest-pleasing power of fresh vegetables always fires up culinary creativity. Commercial kitchens across the country are turning premium produce into palettes of flavors and colors. As your food service operations develop new twists on favorite vegetables, one thing never changes: Food presentation can make or break your best dishes.

Presentation Inspiration for Your Menus

Like all California produce growers, we enjoy industry reports that track fresh vegetables as one of the hottest 2016 food trends. From baby iceberg lettuce to Portobello mushrooms, we offer these cost-effective, easy-prep menu ideas to inspire your plating and presentation.

1. Appetizers as Works of Art

Elevate small plates from interesting to must-have with appetizers that deliver irresistible vegetable plate presentation. Make important first impressions count by serving up these delectable first bites.

• Artichokes and kale wake up traditional nachos with fresh good looks and innovative tastes.
• Combine bacon and Brussels sprouts to create deliciously attractive appetizers.
• Pair hearts of romaine and prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks for flavor-filled crunchy starters.
• Turn baby iceberg lettuce into beautifully edible bowls filled with spicy shrimp cocktails.

2. Entrees as Enticing Adventures

Versatile vegetables earn their star status in commercial kitchens. They serve well as unique dining adventures, and they also give your customers guilt-free alternatives to less-healthy favorites.

• No one asks, “Where’s the beef?” when they indulge in an elegant Portobello mushroom Wellington.
• Toss seared Alaskan halibut with sautéed artichokes for heart-healthy seafood and vegetarian entrees.
• Reinterpret Asian hand rolls by giving them a crisp, new wrap in baby iceberg lettuce leaves.
• Impress with entree salad wheels of perfectly roasted beef tenderloin and hearts of romaine.

3. Sides That Satisfy and Impress

Side dishes shouldn’t be an afterthought. When your kitchen taps the presentation potential of fresh produce, customers appreciate that you’ve made the entire meal a memorable experience.

Slow-roast root vegetables with artfully trimmed artichokes for a dish that looks as good as it tastes.
• Side your best house soups with salads of citrusy Brussels sprouts garnished with smoky bacon.
• A simple presentation of spiced edamame combines dramatic color and exotic flavors in one easy-prep dish.
• Couscous and cauliflower wrapped in romaine leaves bake into a delightfully different veggie loaf

4. Break Old Traditions With New Presentations

Vegetables add new layers of texture, taste and color that transform the ordinary into exciting new dishes. Investment in cost and prep time are minimum while the returns manifest as compliments to the chef.

• Cater to brunch lovers with the creamy flavors of a special Artichokes Benedict.
• Remodel classics into new guilt-free traditions like no-carb turkey burgers on iceberg leaf buns.
• Wow the dining crowd with a mushroom, lentil and gouda biscuit pot pie makeover.
• Upgrade a time-honored romaine salad by reworking it into a delicious turkey Caesar sandwich.

Some Things Never Change

Dining trends come, go and come back around, but presentation always counts. You can always count on Hitchcock Farms for premium produce that beautifully fills plates and satisfies consumers’ appetites for healthy dining. We know that you work hard catering to your market. We’re committed to making your job easier, and that will never change.