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brussels sprouts chips

Everyone loves crunchy kale chips, but the popular snacks are facing crisp competition. Brussels sprout chips are quickly becoming a favorite healthy alternative. The compact little veggies boast a strong nutritional profile, an interesting history and a naturally nutty flavor.

Brussels Sprout Chips: 10 Recipes for Super Snacking

If you’re cooking at home, it’s easy to turn Brussels sprouts into crunchy snacking chips. Simple prep makes sprout chips an excellent choice for busy commercial kitchens too.

Whether you’re settling in with friends at the house or setting up a special event catering station, elevate the noshing experience with these 10 recipes for Brussels sprout chips.

1. Brussels Sprout Chips Delish

Chef Rachel Ray offers an easy start for inspired cooking with Brussels sprout chips. Her basic recipe turns out oven-roasted, crispy bites with just a little olive oil and salt. Chef Ray might call this one “Simply Delish.”

2. Brussels Sprout Chips With Parmesan

Why tell the kids about the nutritional goodness of their newest favorite finger food? Just let your youngsters enjoy shredded sprout chips sprinkled with Parmesan and baked in the oven. Let your food processor make easy work of this sensational shredded snack.

3. Balsamic Brussels Sprout Chips

The sophisticated taste of balsamic turns sprout chips into elegant appetizers for your next cocktail party. Prep Brussels sprout leaves with olive oil and lemon zest, roast for 10 minutes, and side with aromatic balsamic vinegar.

4. Garlicky Brussels Sprout Chips

It’s hard to come up with anything simpler than savory, garlicky sprout chips. Blend garlic powder and black pepper into extra-virgin olive oil, drizzle over a bowl of Brussels sprout leaves, and gently hand-coat the soon-to-be snacks. A 10-minute oven roast turns out yummy, crunchy chips.

5. Totally Hot Brussels Sprout Chips

This appetizer dials up the snacking heat while it cools down busy kitchen schedules with quick prep. Drizzle leaves with a mix of olive oil, Dijon and red pepper flakes, roast until crisp, and enjoy irresistibly spicy Brussels sprout chips.

6. Totally Paleo Brussels Sprout Chips

With a protein content of almost 25 percent, Brussels sprouts are natural snacks for paleo dieting. The crispy leaves are full of flavor in this paleo-centric recipe that uses avocado oil or melted ghee instead of olive oil. Garnish oven-fresh chips with a light dust of lemon zest.

7. Fried Brussels Sprout Chips

Yes, you really can fry Brussels sprout leaves into tasty, crunchy chips. They cook up in record time in a deep, straight-sided skillet. Finish off the crisp leaves with a dash of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of hot chili flakes. Fried Brussels sprout chips are a dish best served warm.

8. Thai-Dressed Brussels Sprout Chips

Give fried Brussels sprout chips a unique fire with the slow burn of spicy Thai flavors. Dress freshly fried leaves with a blend of sesame seed oil, honey and sriracha. The secret ingredient in this exotic sauce is a squeeze of fresh yuzu juice.

9. Vegan Lovers’ Brussels Sprout Chips

If you enjoy not cooking with a food dehydrator, you’ll love raw Brussels sprout chips prepped with this healthy technique. Hand-toss sprout leaves in olive oil, onion and garlic powder with a dash of crushed red pepper. An hour and a half in the dehydrator produces crunchy vegan-pleasing chips.

10. Sweet and Sour Brussels Sprout Chips

This is another sprout chip recipe for the food dehydrator, and it blends a wonderful spectrum of tastes. Maple syrup and cashew paste complement the flavors of tamari, lemon juice and hot chili flakes. The finished sweet and sour Brussels sprout chips are delicious and healthy.

Brussels Sprout Chip Tips

Whether you bake, fry or dehydrate your chips, these prep tips bring out the best in your Brussels sprouts.

• Make leaves easier to peel by stemming the sprout first.
• Save the tight, center part of the sprout, and shred it into salads.
• Keep leaves in chip shape by gently hand-tossing with ingredients.
• When oven roasting, place leaves open side down on the baking sheet.
• Closely watch sprouts in the oven so that leaf edges don’t burn.
• Kick up sprout chip fun and flavors by making your own signature dips.

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