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If you imagine all Brussels sprout smoothie recipes taste alike, get ready for some cool, fresh surprises. The little round sprout blends remarkable flavor into healthy drinks that serve up perfectly in all kinds of settings. It’s a very versatile vegetable, and it’s available year-round.

From home fitness plans to foodservice concession stands, the nutritious sprout brings together a rainbow of vegan-friendly ingredients. You can whip up purple smoothies in the kitchen for the kids or market green smoothies at a health food restaurant. Just don’t forget to soothe yourself with a tall glass of smooth sipping.

Brussels Sprout Smoothie Recipes: 5 Delicious Ideas

We all love smoothies because they’re an easy way to enjoy our vegetables. A few minutes of prep, a good blender and a little imagination fills a glass to the brim with good nutrition. Great taste is really important too, and that’s what we like about these five delicious recipes for Brussels sprout smoothies.

1. Quick Breakfast Smoothies

Why scramble eggs on a busy morning? Save time, and boost your energy with a satisfying breakfast smoothie. Yes, Brussels sprouts make a perfect starter when they mix it up with oranges, bananas and raw honey. Toss in favorite berries, and get ready to take on the day.

2. Super Simple Green Smoothies

Shred spinach and Brussels sprouts, chop an apple, and mix with almond milk. That’s all it takes to make this simple green smoothie. Pairing two powerhouse veggies gives the recipe an impressive protein and fiber profile. It’s also a smart solution for sudden snack cravings.

3. Brussels Sprout Juice Smoothies

We offer this idea from our inspiration files for juice bars and health food vendors. Brussels sprout juice is an amazing ingredient for all kinds of dishes, and it’s a flavorful base for building a cleansing smoothie. Our recipe blends healthy sprout juice with carrot, apple, celery, cucumber and lemon.

4. Delicious Detox Smoothies

Every list of healthy smoothies needs one recipe with kale. We give you the must-have green and more in a detox smoothie that delivers plenty of fresh taste. Brussels sprouts do their part along with green apple and cucumber while flax seeds help ramp up the smoothie’s detox power.

5. Purple Fruity Smoothies

Don’t tell the kids they’re enjoying a healthy fruit smoothie. Let them have fun with a cool, purple shake made with almond milk. This colorful fusion is ideal as a dessert entry on foodservice menus too. It’s a straight-to-blender Brussels sprout smoothie sweetened with fresh raspberries and strawberries.

Keeping Smoothies Smooth: Insider Tips

The real secret to a perfect smoothie is your creativity. Work with different ingredients and flavorings, and be open to input. Friends, families and foodservice customers are always honest critics.

These tips can help you whip up smoothies destined for rave reviews.

• Brussels sprouts in smoothies work best when they’re shredded, but a powerful blender can handle chopped sprouts.

• Fresh fruits and berries sweeten green smoothies, and they also add color, texture and extra antioxidants.

• Build a smooth drink by starting with leafy greens, adding a liquid base and finishing with remaining ingredients.

• Be careful with blender speed so that it doesn’t build up heat that can compromise smoothie nutrients.

• For really chilly smoothies, freeze ripe fruits ahead of time, and add to the mix without defrosting.

Sharing Recipes and Ideas

Naturally, we’re big fans of the little sprout. We’re glad to see it take a permanent place on menus that aren’t always about the holidays. It’s satisfying to share ideas that showcase how much you can do with such a small vegetable.

We always enjoy posting recipes that work in home kitchens and foodservice operations. Our commitment to product excellence and sustainability forms the foundation for everything we do here at Hitchcock Farms. As one of California’s largest and oldest produce growers, it’s our pleasure to supply the very best.