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brussels sprouts on plate

As one of California’s leading produce companies, we really enjoy seeing Brussels sprouts fire up culinary creativity in commercial kitchens. Sophisticated diners and casual customers appreciate the healthy profile of a nutritious sprout, and everyone enjoys its slightly sweet, nutty flavor.

The little veggie consistently offers time-saving and tasty inspiration from quick prep to easy cooking. We present these six delicious ideas for your next kitchen encounter with the ever-versatile Brussels sprout.

6 Ways to Prepare Brussels Sprouts

1. Shred and Toss With Salad

Why not replace salad croutons with a healthier crunch? When an 80-gram vegetable serving beats an orange by delivering four times the vitamin C, it deserves to be enjoyed in its purest presentation. Trim the stems, shred the sprouts, and toss with your favorite field greens.

2. Shred and Sautee as a Side

Speed up prep by processing whole Brussels sprouts into tender shreds for sensational sautees. Five minutes in hot olive oil and butter yield a delicious, crispy, side for your finest entrees.

3. Slow Roast with a Citrus Touch

Upgrade the traditional lemon and butter approach to sprouts with a slow turn in the oven. Replace the butter with olive oil, add fresh lemon slices, and finish with Parmesan cheese. This dish hits just the right citrus notes with slow-roasted richness.

4. Pan Roast to Caramelized Perfection

This method helps streamline operations during a busy shift. Pan-roast sprouts and garlic cloves in a heavy skillet with olive oil, and finish them off in a hot oven. The combination of caramelized flavors and beautiful presentation makes this dish an easy classic.

5. Stir Fry a Spicy Entree

Toss together halved Brussels sprouts, thinly sliced steak and rings of jalapenos for a fiery take on Asian stir fry. This entree easily inspires creative fusions with different sauces and peppers.

6. Grill Up Gorgeous Kabobs

There’s no denying the presentation power of grilled sprouts on skewers. If your kitchen specializes in more casual fare, treat guests to the same rich, smoky flavor with basket grilling. Both techniques quickly produce delicious, flamed-kissed sprouts.

It’s Our Pleasure to Share

While some kitchens still prefer to boil vegetables, you probably noticed that we left it off our list. Our consulting chefs recommend techniques that bring out the best in Brussels sprouts by preserving their nutritional goodness and naturally wonderful taste.

It’s always our pleasure to share ideas that make the most of premium vegetables. We’re proud to serve as a trusted supplier of fresh produce to food service operations here in California, across the country and in Canada. From our fields to your tables, you can depend on Hitchcock Farms.