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brussels sprouts catering

The best catering menus keep clients happy, make your job easier and help boost profits. Fresh produce always rises to the occasion, and Brussels sprouts always deliver. These compact packages serve up great taste, versatility and inspiration for refreshing menus and impressing customers.

6 Delicious Ways Brussels Sprouts Fit Your Catering Menu

It’s a delicious foodservice fact. Brussels sprouts are back on the menu. They’ve enjoyed so much popularity that their status as a favorite vegetable is no longer just a trend. Consider these six ways the little sprouts inspire easy catering menu ideas.

1. Brussels Sprouts Aren’t Complicated

You cook to impress, but you still need a catalog of recipes you can prep and serve with time-saving efficiency. Brussels sprouts steam in a matter of minutes, and they’re ready to serve with a classic toss of butter and chives.

2. They Make Enticing Appetizers

When an occasion calls for appetizers and shareables, roll out fresh Brussels sprouts. These veggies are naturally designed to serve up as finger foods, and they deliver that wow factor that makes an event memorable. Bacon-wrapped sprouts are just one example of how appetizing small bites can be.

3. Brussels Sprouts Complement All Cuisines

As you explore different food catering ideas for large groups, break down culinary borders. Think internationally with recipes built around ethnic dishes, and include tender Brussels sprouts. From classic Italian tastes to authentic Asian flavors, sprouts serve as ambassadors of excellent taste.

4. They Satisfy All Preferences

You need to be prepared to satisfy all preferences, so stay ready with menu ideas that cater to clients with specific dietary requirements. Bright, creative selections like citrusy Brussels sprouts offer healthy choices that satisfy customers’ veggie-centric tastes and needs.

5. You Can Dress Them Up or Down

When you cater formal affairs, you make sure every dish pleases with top-tier presentation. Brussels sprouts hold their own as elegant sides served with prime rib, but they also make a delicious impression paired with home-cooked ingredients like cornbread croutons.

6. Sprouts Aren’t Just Winter Vegetables

You don’t have to wait until the winter months to source the best Brussels sprouts available. With a year-round season here in California, produce growers can supply your catering business with these versatile vegetables for every occasion on the calendar.

Brussels Sprouts With Benefits

Regardless of the size of your operations, small Brussels sprouts deliver big business benefits. The best catering menu ideas get even better when you consider the advantages of including memorable sprout recipes.

  • Clients enjoy knowing their menu options include healthy Brussels sprouts with impressive nutritional profiles.
  • Sprouts inspire cooking creativity. You can steam, stir fry, grill, roast and smoke the little veggies.
  • Quick prep time makes sprouts ideal for putting together last-minute orders or handling unexpected client requests.
  • Brussels sprouts help control food costs with a solid shelf life and minimum waste.

As long as you source from established produce growers, you can count on fresh Brussels sprouts for catering menu selections that appeal to all types of clients. You can also depend on important culinary flexibility for every event regardless of the season.

Exceeding Your Highest Standards

Whether you’re serving a formal wedding or setting up a corporate luncheon, refreshing your food catering ideas for large groups keeps you ahead of the competition. Premium Brussels sprouts help you stay there with prep versatility and customer-pleasing flavors that keep them on every list of easy catering menu ideas.

We know you take pride in your business and always work with the freshest available ingredients. As established leaders among California produce growers, Hitchcock Farms always delivers. We take pride in catering to your good taste, and you have our commitment to exceeding your highest standards every day.