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It takes a combination of cooking talent and hard work to make your catering business successful. The competition is usually friendly, but you’re always on the lookout for ways to stay ahead. One very good strategy is also very simple: Expand and upgrade your buffet station ideas.

As well as you market your catering brand across different platforms, you know the enormous value of positive customer response. You need to give them new experiences that make lasting impressions. You want them to remember your catering services because you’ve satisfied their appetites for something fresh, different and delicious.

Showing Off Your Culinary Creativity: 6 Can’t-Miss Catering Station Ideas

You don’t have to reinvent the buffet station. There’s always room for making every table better from offering healthier choices to putting new shine on presentations. Whether you’re setting up a corporate luncheon or a wedding reception, these six catering station ideas serve generous portions of inspiration.

1. Carving Station Ideas

This elegant mainstay is usually devoted to beef tenderloins and prime rib roasts. Tradition will always rule at the carving station, but consider slicing something different that surprises and satisfies.

• A glazed Virginia ham is perfect for carving stations year-round.
• Impress guests with the magnificent presentation of a pork crown roast.
• Racks of lamb are easy to prep and simple to carve and plate.
• Create crowds around the station with slices of stuffed salmon en croute.

2. Stir-Fry Station Ideas

Vegetables, sauteed beef, chicken and a generous splash of soy sauce are staples at the stir-fry station. Expand those savory selections with these Asian-flavored ideas.

• Stir up guest excitement with fresh bamboo shoots, baby corn and bok choy.
• Whip up house-made sauces built around sesame oil or ginger.
• Serve up seasonal stir-fry seafood ideas with squid, prawns or oysters.

3. Pasta Station Ideas

Spaghetti, lasagna and tortellini are classics that mix and match well with a variety of ingredients. Still, they aren’t the only pastas that please guests who love Italian accents on their plates.

• Dress up your serving station with an assortment of pastas in different shapes, sizes and colors.
• Extend house-made sauce horizons with pesto creams and four-cheese sauces.
• Top off tender pasta with petite meatballs, sauteed shrimp or thinly sliced chicken breast.
• Garnish plates with marinated mushrooms, roasted garlic and pitted black olives.
• Enjoy guest compliments when they enjoy side slices of warm garlic or parmesan toast.

4. Veggie Station Ideas

Cater to the health-conscious crowd with a designated veggie station. Entice all appetites regardless of preferences by serving fresh vegetables in refreshingly different recipes.

• Spice up the veggie station with roasted vegetable tacos wrapped in warm corn tortillas.
• Turn Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower into fantastic finger foods by deep frying your veggies.
• Set up a bright crudite station with fresh vegetables sided by house-made ranch dip and blue cheese sauce.
• Offer build-your-own vegan poke bowls filled with sea beans and rainbow carrots.

5. Live Cooking Station Ideas

You don’t have to ignite a fire pit to entertain hungry crowds at the live cooking station. They can still enjoy food preparation at its best with one of these live cooking presentations.

• A custom omelet bar keeps brunch parties happy while easy prep keeps busy chefs happy.
• Treat guests at casual events to the catering pleasure of gourmet burgers grilled to order while they wait.
• Create new interest in simple crepes with shrimp, crab or smoked salmon wrapped up with grilled veggies.

6. Dessert Station Ideas

When they end it on a sweet note, they’ll remember the experience with a smile. The dessert station serves as a beautiful finish to your catered event, and it’s the perfect location for making that last spectacular impression.

• Guests love dipping strawberries, pretzels and marshmallows under the rivers of a chocolate fountain.
• Decorate sheet cakes, slice into individual servings, and relax as guests help themselves to super-easy sweets.
• Treat everyone to classic dessert traditions with chef-attended servings of bananas Foster.
• Show off your good taste in sweets by offering delicate French macarons in a variety of flavors and colors.

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