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Whether you’re a restaurant owner, food and beverage manager or executive chef, you have to admire our industry’s ability to evolve. Every year brings exciting changes, interesting reboots and surprising transformations. Upcoming food trends for 2019 promise to be entertaining, challenging and rewarding.

10 Must-Follow Restaurant Food Trends for 2019

Our menu of future food trends covers new flavors, cuts and condiments. It also includes fresh takes on traditional fare and innovations in the foodservice business model. Restaurants, pop-ups, cafes and corporate cafeterias can all look forward to keeping consumers satisfied with any of these trending foodservice ideas.

1. New Flavor Shake-Ups

Reach past that bowl of lemons for a citrusy blast from aromatic Asian citrons. Shake up any recipe that calls for lime by replacing it with a healthy squeeze of kumquat juice. Chinese pomelos and blood oranges are also trendy alternatives to traditional citrus flavors.

2. The Latest Meat Cuts

Meat lovers in your dining room will rejoice at the addition of these three new steaks to the menu.

• The lean, fine-grained Merlot cut, taken from the heel of bottom round, grills quickly over high heat.
• The Vegas strip is headed for a big comeback as chefs rediscover this unique slice of beef chuck.
• The bavette steak is ideal for your best marinades and serves up sirloin versatility broiled or grilled.

3. Healthy, Bountiful Bowls

Healthy bowls aren’t new, but their soaring popularity makes them some of the hottest culinary trends of 2019. From the vegetarian goodness of romaine hearts in buddha bowls to an endless variety of Hawaiian poke bowls, this is a dish that’s destined to hold its own.

4. Tea Bars and Cocktails

What used to be an unassuming beverage is now a much-favored and multi-flavored alternative to coffee. Freshly brewed craft teas serve up hot and cold drinks, and they’re even sparking a revolution in beverage service. Expect more tea-centric bars next year specializing in tea cocktails and nitro teas on tap.

5. In-House Fermentation

Going in to 2019, tea takes another interesting twist as restaurants turn to in-house fermentation. The process results in fermented teas known better by their trending name, kombuchas. Look for pickled Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut, carrots and kimchi to join the fermented lineup as housemade signature sides.

6. Plant-Based Fast Food

Consumer appetites for healthy options are influencing QSR restaurant trends for 2019 with more chains offering plant-based menus. Veggie-centric cuisine on the fly appeals across demographics and dietary preferences. The concept of healthy food as fast food looks like a natural winner and smart business model for the upcoming year.

7. Consulting Chefs and Dietitians

More and more restaurants are open to fresh culinary thinking for hire. Consulting chefs offer new perspectives on menu development in all types of settings. Professional dietitians help create dishes that convert health-conscious consumers into loyal customers. Expect to see more outside talent contracting with in-house kitchens.

8. Millennial-Driven Food Trends

Millennials make up about 25 percent of the country’s population. They want their dining options fresh, fast and healthy. They also expect responsive digital connections to their favorite restaurants across all platforms and social media channels. The dining habits of Millennials stands as its own powerful food trend going into 2019.

9. Farm and Kitchen Collaborations

As the farm-to-table concept continues to grow, expect it to result in closer relationships between farming operations and commercial kitchens. Many restaurants will take direct sourcing to the next level by purchasing their own farming operations and customizing plant and protein production for their menus. This trend is especially promising because it encourages sustainability in the field and reduces food waste in commercial kitchens

10. Greater Social Responsibility

When restaurants make social responsibility an important part of their business model, consumers notice. Every new year offers opportunities for the foodservice industry to expand its outreach through local organizations. 2019 should see an increase in the positive results that come from building goodwill throughout communities across the country.

Meeting New Challenges

As a foodservice professional, you’re confident in your abilities to meet future challenges. As you consider food trends for 2019, we join you in looking forward to integrating new ideas with proven practices. You can depend on us here at Hitchcock Farms to do our part by growing and shipping the freshest premium produce from our fields to your operations.