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healthy vegetarian bbq

Regardless of our differences in dietary choices, we all enjoy healthy recipes that put great taste on the plate. The smoky flavor of barbecue is a savory example of a mainstay that’s finally all-inclusive. It’s not meat-centric anymore.

Backyard chefs embrace nutritional barbecue for family grill fests. Commercial kitchens grill up veggie sides for health-conscious consumers. There’s room on everyone’s plate for healthy vegetarian bbq recipes.

Healthy Vegetarian Barbecue: 10 Great Grilling Ideas

When fast food chains give their menus a healthy redesign, they’re responding to customer preferences. Vegetarians enjoy vegan-friendly barbecue in restaurants all across the country. You can serve up savory satisfaction too with one of these 10 delicious veggie-centric bbq recipes.

1. Smoky Grilled Guacamole

Put a smoky twist on this classic dip by grilling its ingredients. Brush avocado, onion, lime and chile halves with olive oil, and roast over high heat. A quick cooling down renders a perfect mash-up for smoky grilled guacamole.

2. Freshly Grilled Broccoli Salad

You can easily expand this healthy vegetarian bbq side into a unique entree salad. Toss grilled broccoli spears with toasted vegan ciabatta cubes and pine nuts. Drizzle with a sherry, agave syrup and vinegar dressing, and serve as a savory salad or a satisfying meal.

3. Grilled Greek Hearts of Romaine

Add flavorful Greek accents to healthy bbq veggies with a hearty side of grilled romaine hearts and heirloom tomatoes. Garnish the plate with roasted walnuts, Kalamata olives and freshly chopped basil. Finish off this veggie dish while it’s still hot off the grill with a sprinkle of feta and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette.

4. Caramelized Brussels Sprout Kabobs

Brussels sprouts are one of the few veggies that can take a deep char on the grill and taste even better. Barbecued Brussels sprout kabobs are best dressed with just a few ingredients to bring out their caramelized flavor. This recipe suggests a little lemon and paprika with optional red pepper and grated Parmesan.

5. Mouthwatering Watermelon Skewers

Whether you’re grilling for friends or a full dining room, super-simple vegetarian bbq skewers work as easy appetizers or quick sides. Slender blocks of salty halloumi cheese give grilled watermelon kabobs a special blend of savory flavors and contrasting textures. The unexpected pairing creates an impressive presentation too.

6. Really Delicious Veggie Burgers

The classic hamburger might not seem like a candidate for conversion, but these vegetarian bbq burgers grill up with extra tasty goodness. Make believers out of doubters with delicious veggie burgers built with black beans, quinoa and tofu. Make these crowd-pleasers perfect with generous dollops of chipolte yogurt.

7. Healthy Vegetarian BBQ Sandwiches

This recipe from the Lone Star State liberates the chopped bbq sandwich from its meaty origins with sensational smoky results. Baby bella mushrooms and your favorite healthy bbq sauce make it easy to make healthy chopped veggie bbq sandwiches on kitchen stove tops or backyard grills.

8. Truly Great Gluten-Free BBQ Sauce

Every great sauce has a secret, but this healthy recipe really surprises with sweet notes of fresh orange juice and chopped pineapple. The fruity flavors elevate a simple gluten-free bbq sauce made with on-hand staples to classic condiment status in home and commercial kitchens.

9. Sweet and Spicy Vegan BBQ Sauce

The best barbecue can stand alone, but why not side your healthy favorites with a tangy sauce? Keep the savory condiment as a vegan staple in your pantry with homemade sweet and spicy vegan bbq sauce. Season to personal taste with black molasses, Sriracha and liquid smoke.

10. Decadent BBQ Banana Splits

Your satisfying veggie barbecue should end with an unforgettable vegan dessert. Make it memorable by topping grilled banana slices with non-dairy ice cream and a silky peanut butter and chocolate sauce. This decadent bbq banana split is destined to become a favorite finish to vegan grilling.

Serving Our Very Best

Smoky barbecue wows the backyard crowd spring, summer and fall. Gourmet grilling impresses corporate clients on weekend retreats and dining room guests year-round. This style of cooking is so versatile, and it’s even better when you put healthy bbq veggies on the menu.

We enjoy making your plans a little easier by sharing recipes that work in home kitchens and commercial operations. We’re also proud to do our part by growing and supplying premium produce all across the country. Here at Hitchcock Farms, we’re dedicated to always serving you with our very best.