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steaming brussels sprouts

Our moms meant well. They boiled our veggies with lots of love. They also overcooked them hoping that we’d warm up to tastes and textures that we weren’t ready to appreciate. Soggy and drab, those poor vegetables never had a chance to make their best impression.

Most of us would have grown up loving Brussels sprouts, artichokes and broccoli if we’d just had them steamed.

Pity the Overcooked Veggie

It’s tempting to toss a favorite vegetable into a pot of boiling water for a quick dish. However, this cooking method doesn’t take advantage of the natural goodness that fresh produce brings to the table. Many vitamins are water-soluble, and a fast boil eliminates them.

It also depletes the minerals, proteins, fiber and phytochemicals that make veggies so naturally good for you. Vitamin pills and supplements are ineffective substitutes for the real goodness that gets lost in a pot of boiling water.

Overcooking vegetables also takes away from their crisp texture, good looks and wonderful taste. You have to pity the overcooked Brussels sprout that started out so fresh before its boiling bath.

The Gentle Power of Steam

If a busy schedule tempts you to toss veggies into hot water, consider the gentle power of steam.

Instead of immersing tender produce in a vitamin-leaching hot tub on the stove top, treat your favorites to a steaming sauna that cooks evenly with moist heat. This method prepares vegetables to perfection in just a few minutes, and it preserves all the natural qualities that make them important staples in a healthy diet.

Nutritional goodness stays intact, flavors remain bright, and textures retain crispness. Steamed veggies just look better on a plate, and that’s important when you want to impress the younger food critics at your dinner table.

Add Spice, Zip and Zest

If you still think of vegetables as plain, get acquainted with the quality produce grown here in the California. Best farming practices bring out the best in Brussels sprouts, artichokes and a wonderful variety of fresh veggies.

Just fill a pot with a few inches of water, drop in a steamer basket, and cover with a tight-fitting lid. Once the water boils, steam your favorite veggies, and prepare to fall in love. Spice them up with a little olive oil and seasoning before their sauna. Zip an Asian accent into the water with soy sauce, or zest up the pot with fresh garlic.

Whether you prefer to serve them plainly delicious or to add creative culinary touches, steamed veggies belong on every healthy menu.

Committed to Sharing Our Best

As an established leader among California produce companies, Hitchcock Farms is committed to sharing information, ideas and tips that keep your relationship with veggies strong and healthy.

It’s time to fall in love with the delicious flavors, crisp textures and nutritional benefits that were there even when you were a kid. Vegetables deserve the gentle power of steam, and you deserve to enjoy them again.