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If you’re wondering about where to buy Chinese cabbage, you’re also thinking about where to buy Napa cabbage. The crisp vegetable goes by both names and enjoys a history that goes back to 15th century China.

The nutritious cabbage deserves its highly respected spot in both home and commercial kitchens.

napa cabbage

Napa Cabbage for Family Tables

It’s always been a popular leafy vegetable, but Napa cabbage has finally attained restaurant star status. That’s good news for home chefs who already appreciate its great taste and versatility. Whether you’re cooking for one, two or a full house, a fresh head of Napa isn’t far away.

Many regular grocery stores now carry Napa cabbage, but you have several other options for sourcing the tasty vegetable. Visit a local Asian market, and browse the aisles for inspiration as you make your way to the produce section. Enjoy an afternoon at the farmers market talking to Napa cabbage vendors who can also supply interesting details about their prize crop.

Napa Cabbage for Commercial Kitchens

As a foodservice professional, you depend on trusted suppliers all across the industry to keep pantries and walk-ins fully stocked. If you’re a distributor, you enjoy direct access to premium produce year-round.

We’re proud to serve you as a Napa cabbage supplier, and we’re always available to help you become a part of our distribution network. From casual restaurants and five-star locations to catering businesses and food truck operations, Napa cabbage is a commercial kitchen essential. Our partnerships help make it all happen.

How to Choose the Very Freshest

Napa cabbage grows year-round here in California. Our operations in the Salinas Valley stay in full production through early December. We transition to our Imperial Valley fields for the winter months and grow and ship from there until spring arrives.

The warm climate and rich soil of both locations combine to produce an exceptional premium cabbage. Whether you’re putting a few heads in your shopping cart or checking in an order back of house, look for these signs of freshness.

• An unblemished, elongated head with squared-off tips
• A firm compact body that feels heavy for its size
• Crisp pale green or yellow leaves with white ribs
• No damage or wilting along the 12-inch body
• A fresh, clean almost neutral fragrance

5 Storage and Prep Tips

A great shelf life makes Napa cabbage a favorite with commercial kitchens, but you don’t have to buy bulk to appreciate a vegetable that stores easily. These tips keep the cabbage fresh and ready for all types of healthy recipes.

Don’t wash the cabbage or pull off leaves before storing.
• Cover with plastic wrap, and store upright in the refrigerator.
• Only remove Napa cabbage leaves from the head as needed.
• Trim individual leaf bases, wash, and drain before final prep.
• Stored and chilled properly, Napa will last for weeks.

Nutritious, Delicious and Versatile

Napa cabbage is a very nutritious choice for your family or your restaurant’s guests. It’s an excellent source of important vitamins, multiple minerals and natural antioxidants.

Napa’s mild taste delivers a subtle, slightly sweet flavor that sets it apart from other cabbages. It also has a higher water content than other varieties, and that’s the source of its highly-prized crispness.

This is the cabbage that gives traditional kimchi its classic crunch. It’s also a versatile vegetable that works in all kinds of dishes beyond its Asian roots. Try shredded Napa cabbage in Southern-style coleslaw, creamy Italian pasta and even spicy Mexican pico de gallo.

Serving You With Our Very Best

Working with our partners, we’re proud to do our part supplying premium Napa cabbage all across the country. The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a head of fresh Napa cabbage. If you’re a foodservice professional, keep it on your list of must-have stock.

Wherever you’re serving dinner, you can always count on Hitchcock Farms to serve you with our very best.