Hitchcock Farms is proud to provide the finest Napa cabbage available from our trusted partners who have grown the same coveted seed variety for more than 40 years.

Also known as Chinese cabbage, our Napa cabbage boasts large heads with firmly packed leaves. The crunchy pale layers surround a crisp, flavorful interior prized for its subtle, sweet flavor. It’s a staple in fresh salads, wraps and classic kimchi.

Napa cabbage thrives in the rich soil and warm, moderate climate of the South Bay area. Our fertile fields enjoy ideal weather conditions for planting, growing and harvesting our prized Napa cabbage.

All of us here are deeply committed to producing the very best Napa cabbage. We put years of field experience into planting, growing and harvesting crops that we’re proud to ship year round.

Gary Tognetti

Napa Cabbage Grower, Hitchcock Farms

Product Specifications

Label Product Size Net (LBS) Units/Case L x W x H Case cube/CF Tie High Cases/Pallet Ice
Uesugi/HF Napa 30# 30 volume fill 19x13x11   7 7 49 N
Uesugi/HF Napa 50# 50 volume fill 23x15x12   7 5 35 N
Uesugi/HF Napa WGA 70 volume fill 23x18x14 1.07 5 4 20 N


Temperature: Keep refrigerated at 34° to 36° Fahrenheit.
Relative Humidity: Maintain 90 to 95% relative humidity.
Shelf Life: 7 to 10 days. 


Year round.

chinese cabbageNapa cabbage brings a variety of culinary possibilities to the table. Its mild flavor compliments tossed salads, healthy soups and hearty casseroles.

From classic cabbage rolls to spicy kimchi, Napa cabbage always has a place in home pantries and commercial kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Napa cabbage considered a nutritious vegetable?

Absolutely! Napa cabbage delivers a number of healthy benefits including high levels of vitamins B, C and K. It’s also a fat-free source of folic acid and dietary fiber. One cup contains only 13 calories and 2.4 grams of carbohydrates.

2. Is there a difference between regular cabbage and Napa cabbage?

Yes. Napa cabbage heads are oblong with frilled, pale green leaves wrapped around thick, crisp stems. The flavor is sweeter than regular cabbage, so it’s sensational in salads. The leaves are perfect for healthy snacking.

3. What are the best ways to prep and cook Napa cabbage?

Almost every cooking technique works well with Napa cabbage. They all yield great dishes with a wonderful variety of flavors and textures. Napa cabbage can be oven-roasted, stir-fried or slowly simmered. It’s delicious raw, and it’s a favorite pickled ingredient in all kinds of recipes.

4. Where can I purchase Hitchcock Farms' Napa cabbage?

We ship our Napa cabbage from our fields here in California all across the country and Canada. You can depend on our network of distributors as your source for all our premium produce. Please feel free to contact us here at Hitchcock Farms for more information about our Napa cabbage.