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romaine hearts salad

They’re versatile, nutritious and add delicious sophistication to every type of salad. With a slightly sweet flavor from crisp outer leaves to tender core, Romaine enjoys an almost royal status among produce. Premium romaine hearts lettuce earns its place on tables around the globe, and it’s a staple that belongs in your commercial kitchen.

Hearts of Romaine Salads with Global Appeal

When they dine out, consumers always appreciate healthy menu choices. When you offer them recipes starring hearts of romaine, you satisfy their need to eat right and indulge their desire to eat well. These seven special salad ideas really show off romaine’s international appeal.

1. Make It Sweet, Citrusy and Moroccan

Green romaine hearts serve as crisp contrast to blood orange slices. The mix of naturally sweet and citrus flavors reach heavenly heights with splashes of orange flower water and lemon juice. We especially like using the entire romaine lettuce from leaves to heart.

2. Top With Italian Tastes

Rachel Ray’s Italian Chef Salad serves up as a hearty entree topped with sliced eggs, prosciutto, ricotta salata and cantaloupe. Cored and trimmed Romaine hearts form the flavorful base and culinary palette for a salad that’s crowned with classic Italian goodness.

3. Add a Dash of Asian Spice

Our collaborations with chef Beat Giger of Pebble Beach Resorts always yield amazing dishes. This Spicy Asian Noodle Salad is a tantalizing example of his talents applied to our premium romaine hearts. The Chinese long beans, carrots and green onion all add savory crunch to a sensational, spicy salad.

4. Finish With Flavorful Mexican Accents

This salad proves that fresh romaine can deliver authentic Mexican flavors without setting plates on fire. It serves up jicama, avocado, radish and black beans well-dressed in a time-honored combo of honey and lime. A touch of jalapeno and cilantro warms it all up.

5. Complement Chinese Chicken

Romaine’s global versatility shines in this Wolfgang Puck recipe. It’s a favorite at his Chinois restaurants and a mouthwatering sampling of Asian-European-Californian fusion. Chef Puck’s scrumptious romaine salad really circles the globe.

6. Contrast With Black Forest Ham

Again, we credit Chef Giger for an elegant entree salad. Hearty ham, herbaceous Fontina cheese and country-style bread cubes provide flavorful contrasts to softly sweet, premium hearts of romaine. We give this salad extra credit for beautiful plate presentation.

7. Go All American With a Classic

While its heritage might have be Italian, Spanish or Mexican, most foodies who love their edible history believe the Caesar salad originated right here in California. It rounds out our list as an irresistible favorite that stands the test of time, trends and even a little revisionist story telling.

From Our Fields to Your Tables

With an impressive shelf life, minimum waste and quick prep, premium hearts of romaine keep culinary inspiration easy and profitable. As the leader among California produce growers, Hitchcock Farms keeps you supplied with the highest quality vegetables that energize creativity and satisfy customers. It’s our commitment and pleasure to always deliver the finest produce available from our fields to your commercial kitchens year-round.