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Why is the restaurant salad bar so hot again? How does a traditional buffet become the next exciting foodservice trend? We give credit to creative menu engineering and innovative salad bar setup ideas. The remarkable transition from ordinary to extraordinary is happening in all types of settings.

From five-star dining rooms to drive-through windows, restaurants are revitalizing this self-serve classic and inspiring a fresh round of salad bar trends. Consumers on a never-ending quest for healthier options are showing their appreciation with snaps, tweets and shares all across social media.

Updating the Restaurant Salad Bar: 10 Fresh Ideas

If you already offer customers a fresh salad bar, you know how important it is to serve your best. If you’re thinking about adding this versatile station to your dining room, you want a setup that sets you apart from the competition.

These 10 salad bar ideas for restaurants work with existing buffets and new serving stations.

1. Impress With Fresh Variety

Make every customer’s trip to the salad bar memorable by offering a bounty of fresh ingredients. Ruby Tuesday recently rebranded its restaurants as destinations for salad lovers by expanding its Garden Bar concept. Take a cue from the chain’s success, and give your customers an impressive variety of salad bar options.

2. Dress With In-House Recipes

Cater to different tastes and dietary preferences with housemade dressings blended in your restaurant kitchen. Incorporate signature in-house dressings into branding and marketing strategies too. It could lead to your own line of delicious salad dressings featured on local market shelves.

3. Put Pasta on the Menu

Pasta salads are always customer favorites, and they pair perfectly with traditional leafy greens. Refresh these salad bar standards with healthy ingredients like whole grain pastas tossed with broccoli and feta or fresh melon and grilled chicken breast. Pasta salads also serve well as a base for locally sourced seasonal produce.

4. Showcase Caesar Salads

The original is iconic, but there are so many ways to recreate the Caesar salad. Renew customer appreciation for this classic by grilling fresh romaine hearts or substituting yogurt for yolks. Turn your original Caesar into a signature salad with a toss of handcrafted croutons and a drizzle of housemade dressing.

caesar salad


5. Serve Salads as Comfort Food

Warm up appetites with a salad bar that brings back favorite food memories. Surprise and delight with comforting salad combinations like creamy macaroni and crisp bacon or sliced potatoes and boiled eggs. Turning familiar dishes into new salad bar classics turns first-time guests into loyal customers.

6. Toss With a Touch of Elegance

A restaurant salad bar can easily rise to the occasion in a fine dining setting. Complement white table cloth service with an elegant salad buffet featuring an array of fancy salad bar ingredients. Offer luxurious extras like thin-sliced beef tenderloin, lump crab meat or fresh peeled shrimp.

7. Side With Housemade Soups

Roll out the steam table, and side the salad buffet with a housemade soup bar featuring chowder and minestrone. Add another cold table, and stock it with chilled gazpacho and vichyssoise. Cost-effective soups and salads make a perfect pairing that works especially well for designing health-conscious menus.

8. Elevate Salads to Entrees

Upgrade the salad options on your buffet from traditional sides to enticing entrees. Transition lunch and dinner dishes to the salad bar by recreating them on beds of premium produce. Keep your main-course salads fresh and customer interest high by rotating seasonal salad ingredients.

9. Make the Most of It

Treat guests to a bountiful custom salad bar filled with premium produce and much more. Take a cue from the variety that draws crowds to Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar. Add fresh fruit, pickled vegetables and olive assortments. Hummus and specialty dips are always salad bar favorites when paired with housemade pita chips and bread sticks.

10. Cater to the Younger Crowd

Set up a salad station dedicated to serving the tastes of younger guests. Please their parents by stocking healthy salad bar ingredients including proteins like beans, tofu and hard-boiled eggs. Most kids are already familiar with the salad bar experience in their school cafeterias, so give them their own station for filling up their plates.

Showcase Equipment and Presentation

Make sure your best ideas draw customer attention with a combination of attractive restaurant salad bar equipment and smart presentation techniques. The latest chilling stations are more than refrigerated units. NSF-certified equipment offers display options that include customizable tray setups, unique sneeze guards and digital temperature controls.

salad bar equipment

Think of the salad bar as a stainless steel canvas ready for imaginative displays. Secure serving bowls in beds of flaked or crushed pellet ice. Keep ingredients fresh in shallow trays, and make sure they’re quickly changed out as needed. Use bright vegetables around main ingredients to create accents, islands and even frames of eye-catching, edible color.

Put Quality Control Over Quantity

The salad bar holds some of your most perishable inventory, and it’s always there for customers to see. Back of house staff should routinely inspect ingredients before stocking the salad station. This kind of monitoring ensures freshness at the salad bar, and it helps reduce waste from spoilage.

Instruct staff to closely monitor the station and quickly restock as trays are emptied. Clean and sanitize equipment between shifts, and keep up with manufacturers guidelines for maintenance. If you suspect there might be refrigerant or temperature problems, pull the bar out of service, and call in a certified technician for repairs.

Harvest the Benefits of a Salad Bar

A healthy salad bar can elevate your brand and keep it high on customers’ radars. Sizzler’s all-you-can-eat salad bar is a good example of how well marketing and salad stations work together. These are just a few of the business benefits that come with featuring a salad bar in your restaurant.

• It satisfies ever-growing consumer demands for healthy dining options.
• Many salad bar ingredients are low-cost, and that’s good for your bottom line.
• Trips to the salad station let guests see and appreciate more of your restaurant.
• Beautiful plates filled with fresh, colorful produce are naturals for social media postings.

Spotlighting New Ideas

A restaurant’s salad bar offers a unique stage for showing off culinary talent and a commitment to healthy menu engineering. It’s a cost-effective service that can easily change to reflect the seasons or the latest food trends. You have to applaud the staying power of a tradition that adapts so well to an ever-changing industry.

We applaud your talent for adapting to changes too. As a foodservice professional, you keep up with innovations that are challenging and rewarding. It’s our pleasure to spotlight new ideas that you can turn into successful restaurant business strategies. Our teams here at Hitchcock Farms are proud to be at your service.