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As a foodservice professional, how much do you love Valentine’s Day? Let’s count the ways. Valentine’s Day traditionally doubles the number of reservations for tables in your restaurant. Sales can increase by as much as 30% over a typical dinner service.

It’s an opportunity to impress first-time guests and continue to charm your regulars. The best Valentine’s Day menu ideas for restaurants are the ones that win hearts and appetites for the rest of the year.

valentines day menu ideas

12 Menu Ideas That Restaurant Customers Will Love on Valentine’s Day

Customers dining out want to embrace the romance of the day. They look forward to sharing a very special meal. These 12 sample Valentine’s Day menu ideas can turn your restaurant into a memorable dining destination. That can turn into a tradition that lasts all year

Sample Valentine’s Day Lunch Menu Ideas

1. Pink Pasta With Shrimp and Vodka

Pair shrimp scampi with penne pasta, and bathe it in a luxurious vodka sauce. Add a touch of chili paste and crushed red pepper for flavor and color. It all blends into a perfect pasta dish for Valentine’s Day.

2. Irresistible Southern Crab Cakes

This lunch idea offers a lush take on a South Carolina tradition. Elegant crab cakes are topped with sautéed shrimp and pear tomatoes in an irresistible lime sauce. It’s a Lowcountry classic everyone loves.

3. Mediterranean Romaine Hearts

Gently simmered hearts of romaine are a delicious fit on Valentine’s Day lunch plates. Showcase their buttery flavor with Mediterranean accents of Kalamata olives, capers and sun-dried tomatoes. Slices of goat cheese and pancetta complete this lovely dish.

4. Heavenly Heart-Shaped Pizza

Easy Valentine’s Day meals like pre-prepped pizzas streamline a busy service. Ask kitchen staff to reshape pizza crusts into hearts before the shift. Keep plenty of premium toppings handy for quick assembly. You’re ready for a busy lunch service with shareable sweetheart plates for two.

Sample Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu Ideas

5. Fresh Oysters and Camembert Bake

Fresh oysters always hold a special place on Valentine’s Day menus. Let them star as one of your best dinner entrees with this luscious recipe. Rich French Camembert gives the baked oysters a sophisticated flavor and presentation.

6. Spice-Rubbed Cornish Hens

Aromatic spices and a touch of garlic put an irresistible sizzle into roasted cornish hens. Prep hens with a fragrant rub of nutmeg, allspice and sweet paprika. Butterfly the birds for quicker cooking time and couple-friendly plating.

7. Sensational Salmon With Pomegranate Raita

A pomegranate raita adds sensational flavor to spice-rubbed salmon. This seafood entree is destined to impress couples sharing a romantic dinner. The salmon and raita are easy to prep ahead of shift and can be held overnight.

8. Seared Tenderloin in Red Wine Sauce

Put fine dining on the Valentine’s Day menu with a roasted beef tenderloin. Its rich red wine sauce flavored with shallots and thyme is sure to spark compliments from dining room guests. This is the type of five-star recipe that can become a restaurant’s signature dish year-round.

9. Decadent Lobster Mac and Cheese

Combine a beloved comfort food with a much-loved seafood, and you have a decadent entree for two. The recipe calls for Gruyere and sharp cheddar, but you can modify the ingredients to create a new Valentine’s Day dinner tradition.

Sample Valentine’s Day Dessert Menu

10. Classic Cherries Jubilee

It’s beautiful and romantic. Table-side flambe enhances the drama. An enticing dish of cherries jubilee lends a warm finale to any Valentine’s Day dinner. Preparing it with your restaurant’s house-made ice cream makes this classic dessert even more memorable.

11. Passion Fruit Parfait

Offer romantic couples a dessert that matches their mood. Serve a silky passion fruit parfait made with white chocolate mousse and topped with mango slices. The exotic flavors make a perfect finish for intimate dinners.

12. The Ultimate Chocolate Tart

This tart’s filling is a heavenly ganache made with heavy cream and bittersweet chocolate. The gluten-free crust is a simple mix of butter and your choice of raw nuts. The results are delicious tarts worthy of standing ovations from enthusiastic chocolate lovers.

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What’s better than a holiday that allows you to fill all of your tables and impress your guests with a decadent dining experience? These savory and sweet Valentine’s Day menu ideas are sure to become customer favorites. When crafting your Valentine’s Day menu, you can count on Hitchcock Farms for all of your fresh produce needs!