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brussels sprout appetizer recipe

Some of the most deliciously surprising flavors come in small, green packages. One of our favorites is the Brussels sprout. The little round vegetable has finally become more than a starring side at holiday meals. It’s breaking away from the seasonal expectations of home chefs and foodservice pros.

Available year-round, the raw sprout’s crunch brightens up salads. Its roasted, savory taste infuses entrees with nutty, almost sweet flavors. You can grill, saute and oven-roast sprouts. How versatile is this compact veggie?

The Brussels sprout is truly a premium produce pick for all dishes, and that includes enticing appetizers.

Brussels Sprout Appetizer Ideas: 10 Irresistibly Easy Recipes

You don’t have to fuss over Brussels sprouts. They prep with a quick wash and trim. Steaming brings out their flavor in less than 10 minutes, and they oven-roast to perfection in about half an hour. Whether you’re planning a party at home or catering a corporate dinner, treat your guests to one of these irresistible and easy Brussels sprout appetizers recipes.

1. Maple-Glazed, Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

This Food Network recipe puts a sweet twist on the traditional Brussels sprout and bacon appetizer. Pairing it with the tart brightness of a creamy lemon dip creates a new classic. We really like how the clever bacon wrap turns each sprout into a fun finger food.

2. Crispy Brussels Sprouts and Garlic Aioli Dip

Simple and simply tasty are hallmarks of a perfect hors d’oeuvre. Start with fresh sprout wedges oven-roasted to a golden brown. Side with a garlic and lemon aioli. Serve with toothpicks for delicious dipping, and be prepared to serve seconds of these crispy Brussels sprout appetizers.

3. Crunchy Panko-Crusted Brussels Sprouts

Add even more flavor to oven-roasted sprouts with a crunchy, panko breadcrumb coating. Batter the yummy veggie poppers with a quick egg wash, and keep them crisp while they cook with a drizzle of olive oil. Feel free to improvise with favorite spices in your kitchen pantry.

4. Shredded Sprouts on Ricotta Toast

This recipe from the files of Epicurious combines shredded sprouts with an enticing ingredient list and bakes up a very tasty appetizer toast. It takes a little extra prep time to brown the pine nuts and soak the golden raisins, but the results are full of flavorful snap.

5. Super-Easy Sprouts and Crostini

Celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli serves up her own quick and simple take on Brussels sprouts and toast. We recommend this one for impressing drop-in guests with oven-fresh Brussels sprouts and ricotta crostini. Easy prep makes it a perfect make-ahead recipe too.

6. Parmesan Stuffed Brussels Sprouts

Savory, satisfying and mouthwatering are just a few of our favorite food words. They definitely describe these beautiful Brussels sprouts stuffed with parmesan. The appetizers may have started out as holiday hors d’oeuvres, but they make our list because they’re easy and delicious.

7. Creamy Brussels Sprout Appetizer Dip

Artichokes and spinach make great party dips. Creamy Brussels sprouts make a luxuriously rich veggie dip that deserves a special place on your appetizer menu. We offer this recipe from the Chew’s celebrity Chef Carla Hall with a salute to her addition of lemon and hot sauce for extra kick.

8. Guilt-Free Brussels Sprout Chips

Trade in ordinary salty snacks for the healthy crunch of spicy Brussels sprout chips. It’s as simple as prepping the leaves with Dijon mustard, olive oil and spices for a quick oven roast. Indulge all you like in the crisp, warm satisfaction of a snack that’s good for you.

9. Elegant Prosciutto Cups With Brussels Sprouts

This recipe is one of the easiest on our list, and it scores extra points for beautiful presentation. The only way we might modify these elegant roasted Brussels sprout and prosciutto bites would be to stuff the prosciutto cups with parmesan stuffed sprouts.

10. Savory Grilled Brussels Sprout Kabobs

We finish up with Chef Alton Brown’s clever kabobs perfect for backyard entertaining around the grill. Brussels sprouts on skewers are just as easy to flame in a commercial kitchen too. Paprika, mustard and minced garlic complement the grilled sprouts’ smoky flavor.

Sharing Fresh Inspiration

We always enjoy sharing new ideas for home and commercial kitchens. We especially relish the opportunity when we can give you fresh inspiration for cooking outside the recipe box. When you keep Brussels sprouts on your list of favorite ingredients, you keep guests happy at the house and the restaurant.

We take our fresh inspiration from the premium produce grown in our fields and supplied across the country year-round. When you want the best for your tables, you can count on Hitchcock Farms.