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brussels sprouts food pairing

Siding a house specialty with just the right flavors makes it the star on a restaurant menu. Matching the right wine to a favorite pasta makes a great home dinner even better. You love the satisfaction that comes from a perfect pairing.

This match game isn’t limited to restaurant steaks and homemade fettuccine. Brussels sprout pairing options open up all kinds of culinary possibilities. You already know Brussels sprouts pair well with bacon in everything from easy appetizers to impressive entrees.

We offer new recipe ideas that expand home and restaurant menus by pairing fresh, healthy Brussels spouts with all kinds of delicious ingredients.

4 Ways to Maximize Menus With Fresh Brussels Sprout Food Pairing Ideas

Whether you enjoy cooking at home or running a successful commercial kitchen, consider the full potential of Brussels sprout pairings with a variety of ingredients. We’ve organized our ideas into four categories designed to help you maximize menu planning.

1. Meats to Pair with Brussels Sprouts: Memorable Main Dishes

When we think about which meats go with Brussels sprouts, bacon usually comes to mind first. Upgrade that classic, add poultry to the list, and leave room on the menu for steak.

• Dress up Brussels spouts by pairing them with prosciutto and creating a roasted veggie-centric entree.

• Plate pan-seared chicken breasts with a medley of apple wedges, sliced red onions and halved Brussels sprouts.

• Sizzle skirt steak paired with Brussels sprouts and almonds sauteed in the same pan for a fast, flavorful main course.

2. Veggies to Pair with Brussels Sprouts: Salads and Sides

If you’re in a hurry, you don’t need to think about which vegetables go well with Brussels sprouts. Just toss your favorites together in a healthy salad. With a little more prep time, one of these quick sprout and veggie pairings can become the latest side addition to your home or restaurant menu.

• Saute Brussels sprouts with baby spinach, sweeten with maple syrup, and christen with a splash of Champagne.

Carrots are crunchy naturals paired with Brussels sprouts in a colorful side dish that cooks up in just half an hour.

• Roast red potatoes and Brussels sprouts with fresh herbs, and fill the kitchen with heavenly aromas.

3. Brussels Sprout and Wine Pairings: Matches Worth Toasting

Our third category is a little different because we offer recommendations instead of recipe ideas. Great wine and Brussels sprout pairings are only limited by your good taste and culinary imagination.

• Complement citrus flavors in Brussels sprout recipes with a slightly tropical Sauvignon Blanc.

• Pair creamy and cheesy Brussels sprout dishes with a Chablis, chardonnay or even a white Burgundy.

• Toast Brussels sprouts roasted with pancetta or bacon by raising a glass of full-bodied Burgundy.

4. Brussels Sprout and Cheese Pairings: Classic Combinations

Cheese and Brussels sprouts play as the perfect pair on simple plates and sophisticated dishes. That versatility makes the classic combination an irresistible menu match at home or the restaurant.

• A rich pairing of blue cheese and fresh Brussels sprouts serves up a savory side made even better with crunchy accents of walnuts and dried cranberries.

• Brussels sprouts paired with freshly grated parmesan cheese bake up beautifully as a side dish complemented with citrusy accents of fresh lemon slices.

• Add shredded cheddar to the parm and sprout match, stir in bacon and onion, and slow-bake a veggie casserole that’s big on both flavor and presentation.

Matching Your Good Taste

There are so many delicious ways to make wonderful meals with Brussels sprouts. The little round vegetable delivers special flavor and texture to all kinds of dishes. It serves up impressive portions of good nutrition too, and that makes it a perfect match for healthy cooking in home and commercial kitchens.

It’s always our pleasure to serve you with fresh food ideas and exciting new recipes. We’re proud to grow and ship premium vegetables for perfect pairings all across the country. You can count on Hitchcock Farms to match your good taste in produce with the very best.