Ideal for use in steamed and sautéed dishes, and a wide assortment of other meals, broccoli is a staple of the commercial kitchen.

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best brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are some of our premium vegetables. Chock-full of Vitamin A and C, as well as antioxidants and fiber, Brussels sprouts are versatile and delicious.

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Cilantro, also known as coriander, is a unique herb commonly seen in Mexican cooking. The ideal garnish or flavor boost, this leafy green herb dries well and is delicious fresh.

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hearts of romaine

Garden Hearts® Romaine Hearts

Known for its sweet taste and delicate crunch, Garden Hearts® Romaine Hearts offer ample weight per carton, making them ideal for organizations looking to lower cost-per-serving.

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Iceberg babies baseball

Iceberg Babies® Baby Iceberg Lettuce

Softball-sized and delicious, baby iceberg lettuce offers a satisfying crunch and a light, flavorful taste. This versatile little item is truly world-class.

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Kale belongs to the same family as Broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Robust, hearty, and earthy, kale offers long-lasting freshness and an extended shelf life.

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Leeks are hardy, savory, and ideal for use in a huge assortment of soups, sautéed dishes, and more. When boiled, its flavor becomes mild and slightly sweet.

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parsley curley

Parsley, curly

Curly parsley is the perfect garnish for virtually any dish. Robust, attractive, and decorative, its light flavor complements dishes well.

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parsley flat

Parsley, flat (Italian)

Flat Italian parsley offers a stronger flavor than curly parsley. Hand-bunched in the fields, this herb dries quickly and is delicious fresh.

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Romaine lettuce is a staple in salads and other fresh dishes. Light in flavor, this item is cooled quickly and maintains a good shelf life.

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White Corn

White Corn

Supersweet white corn offers a lower starch and higher sugar content than other types of sweet corn, which allows it to last longer and taste sweeter than its cousins.

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Fava Beans

Fava Beans

Tender fava beans are favored for their sweet, mild flavor. The bright green legumes are an excellent source of B vitamins, minerals, protein and dietary fiber.

napa cabbage

Napa Cabbage

The nutritional profile of premium Napa cabbage is rich with antioxidants, folate and fiber. Its crunchy leaves and dense heart are prized for their sweet, subtle flavor.