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Salads aren’t just for lunch and dinner anymore. Home and restaurant chefs are serving healthy salads for breakfast. It’s not about giving up eggs. It’s about discovering a great way to start the day with a nutritious, plant-based morning meal that powers you through lunch and beyond.

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20 Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Make Mornings Better

From home pantries to commercial kitchens, some of the best healthy recipes include plenty of produce. The USDA recommends 2 cups of vegetables a day for adults. Whether you’re cooking for family or managing back of house, these 20 healthy breakfast ideas are full of delicious inspiration.

1. Simple Salad With Poached Egg

It’s quick and easy to create tasty breakfast salads. Just toss mixed greens or baby iceberg lettuce with shredded carrots and cherry tomatoes. Top with a poached egg, and enjoy greeting the day with a simple morning salad.

2. Smoked Trout Breakfast Salad

A smoked trout salad serves up early-morning sophistication. Persian cucumbers, Greek yogurt and quinoa bring extra good health to the plate. Sliced boiled eggs finish off this gourmet breakfast salad.

3. Smoked Salmon and Avocado

Save the bagels for another breakfast. Instead, start your day with a smoked salmon salad. Avocado, cucumber and arugula give this eye-opener an array of rich textures and fresh flavors.

4. Wine Country Breakfast Salad

Hold the eggs, and slice the sweet potatoes. Create a savory breakfast inspired by the wine country. This recipe adds hummus, avocado and blueberries to the salad along with a healthy sprinkle of hemp seeds.

5. Fried Egg Breakfast Salad

Begin with a skillet of toasted rye bread crumbs. Finish by frying an egg to perfection and nestling it on a bed of spring mix. Garnish with the crispy bread crumbs, and enjoy a crunchy fried egg salad.

6. Grilled Wedge and Eggs

A stove-top saute transforms iceberg lettuce into a quick, nutritious breakfast. Bacon, onions and a fried egg complete the dish. Feta and cranberries give this grilled breakfast salad unique flavors.

7. Caesar Breakfast Salad

Reimagine the original classic as a Caesar breakfast salad. Serve with a sunny-side-up egg over crisp romaine hearts, but hold the dressing. Simply garnish with sun-dried tomatoes, and savor a new take on tradition.

8. Egg Salad Toast

Make creamy egg salad toast extra special by adding smoked salmon. It’s ideal for serving as a side dish on your next breakfast buffet. It might even replace that popular avocado recipe.

9. Paleo Power Salad

Fill up on a healthy paleo breakfast salad. Hit all the paleo points with a mix of veggies, poached eggs and prosciutto. It’s fun to rework your power salad with a variety of seasonal produce.

10. Paleo Broccoli Slaw

Another take on paleo in the morning pairs fried eggs with broccoli slaw. Seasonal fruits, butternut squash and a touch of onion round out the recipe for a tasty, nutritious breakfast salad.

11. Avocado and Poached Eggs

Avocado and poached eggs are a natural culinary match for the first meal of the day. They both star in this healthy breakfast salad featuring a fresh lineup of grape tomatoes, pistachios and quinoa. Lightly salt and pepper to taste.

12. Sweet Potato Breakfast Salad

When the breakfast crowd calls for a hearty meal, surprise them with sweet potatoes and eggs. The colorful breakfast salad gets extra points for beautiful presentation.

13. Sweet Potatoes and Baby Romaine

Sweet potatoes hold their own in a vegan breakfast salad drizzled with housemade almond butter. Baby romaine makes a perfect bed for the popular root vegetable.

14. Veggie Breakfast Bowl

What goes into your favorite veggie breakfast bowl? This recipe suggests a bountiful mix of Brussels sprouts, asparagus, kale and avocado. Soft-boiled eggs and hummus seal the good-for-you breakfast deal.

15. Romaine and Fruit Breakfast Bowl

Toss romaine hearts with seasonal fruits, and you have a delicious salad. Add smoked bacon slices and sunny-side-up eggs, and you have a healthy breakfast bowl filled with flavor and nutrition.

16. Kale Breakfast Salad

Everything is here except the bread. Dress up a kale breakfast salad with sausage and bacon. Top off with poached eggs. Enjoy a flavorful morning meal that delivers vitamins and protein.

17. Strawberry Breakfast Salad

They’re so good in a bowl of cereal. They’re even better tossed with fresh greens and sliced avocado. Start your day with a simple strawberry breakfast salad that’s vegan- and paleo-friendly. Chopped almonds and chia seeds finish this irresistible dish.

18. Eggs and Feta on Toast

When the occasion calls for a savory breakfast, serve a satisfying salad of eggs and feta on sourdough toast. Crunchy vegetables complete the meal’s healthy profile. Add a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil to taste.

19. Green Goddess Breakfast Salad

Elevate a veggie-rich breakfast salad to creamy heights with a housemade green goddess dressing. Raw honey turns the dressing into a unique topping over kale, avocado and sweet potatoes. Soft-boiled eggs complete your nutritious wake-up meal.

20. Pomegranate Breakfast Salad

Everyone appreciates a little elegance in the morning. This pomegranate breakfast salad serves up a luxurious plate made even more special with cinnamon sugar croutons and a maple vinaigrette. Crowned with a sunny-side-up egg, it’s a beautiful way to start the day.

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